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Invisalign Dentist Vancouver

  A Dental Office Vancouver Isn't Limited to the Basics

Teeth are some of the most unique parts of the human body since they not only provide an essential function, but should look great as well. Alas, in many cases, a dental office Vancouver will only focus on one aspect or the other. This may work fine for the youngest patients, but as we get older, we often find that both restorative and cosmetic dentistry are needed to get the most out of our teeth.


One common issue that adults who visit our dental office Vancouver face is that their teeth have become a bit crooked. This can result from natural changes to the jaw, various injuries, or the slow reversion of previous straightening efforts. Yet, adults have to deal with a variety of considerations when it comes to straightening them. You may not want to wear braces, which tend to make their users look like preteens until the metal is finally removed.


This is where an Invisalign dentist Vancouver comes in. Invisalign is a system meant to address all of the concerns of cosmetic adult teeth straightening while providing great-looking results. It's invisible, can be removed at any time, won't draw cavities, and doesn't make you look like you're 12 again.


It's best when your Invisalign dentist Vancouver is part of a wider dental office Vancouver. This is because adult teeth often need some restorations before the straightening process begins. Getting fillings in advance ensures that any existing cavities don't get worse during straightening. It also ensures that the end result will not be marred by functional problems or unsightly marks.


Visit our office here at Aqua Blue Dental Studio for an Invisalign consultation today. We'll be glad to tell you more about this straightening solution for grown-ups.

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