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Dentist Near Me

What do I Look for in a Dentist Near Me?

When I'm looking for a dentist near me in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I know exactly which services I seek. Even so, I prefer an office that can handle pretty much everything – hygiene, fillings, crowns, implants, and cosmetic dentistry. This way, I don't have to go driving all over the city if I have an unusual need. Instead, I can just go to my usual dentist and know that I'll be taken care of.


I have found that Aqua Blue Dental Studio fits this description excellently. Usually, I only need to go to this dentist near me to have my teeth cleaned or to get a filling. However, there was no trouble when one of my teeth needed to be extracted and replaced with an implant. I didn't have to run and go to an oral surgeon or any of that nonsense. Instead, everything was done in the same office as usual.


Another thing I look for in a dentist is a good attitude. I don't want to feel like a part on an assembly line when I get a filling. At Aqua Blue Dental Studio, I've never had to worry about this. I am given personalized attention just like I should be, and the staff are always nice as well. This makes it much less intimidating to go in for checkups and dental work.


Best of all, my dentist also does cosmetic work like straightening and whitening. Thanks to that, my teeth aren't just functionally in good order – they look like it, too! My straight, white smile has taken years off of my apparent age and is a great confidence-booster. I love that I've been able to have even this sort of thing done at my usual dentist's office.

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