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New Patients

Did you recently move? Are you looking for a new dentist? We understand that transitions can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Let us help you in making this transition as seamless as possible.  

As a new patient, your oral health is our priority, especially because your dental health affects all aspects of your life. ​At Aqua Blue Dental, we pride ourselves on making your visit to the dentist a pleasant experience and we are committed to providing the best dental care possible! We strive for excellence through continuing education and staying up to date with modern technologies.

 We look forward to hearing from you! 

  • Are you accepting new patients?
    Yes! We are accepting new patients at Aqua Blue Dental. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
  • What can I expect during a New Patient Exam?
    As a new patient, we recommend a comprehensive oral exam in order to help determine your dental needs. During this exam we will review your dental and medical history and address any concerns you may have. Together we will then come up with a comprehensive and personalized dental health plan. You can expect your first appointment to be approximately an hour and a half long, and we will try to incorporate your cleaning into the same visit.
  • How much is a cleaning?
    Each patient's needs are different and cleanings can vary from patient to patient. We treat based on an individual basis in accordance with the BC Dental Fee Guide, set by the British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA).
  • How much is a filling?
    Fillings vary depending on the tooth and the number of surfaces involved. Feel free to book a consultation appointment with us to examine the tooth and provide you with the necessary information you need and a cost estimate for the treatment. Our fees are in accordance with the BC Dental Fee Guide, set by the British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA).
  • Will you accept my dental plan?
    Yes, we accept all dental plans at Aqua Blue Dental. As a courtesy we will gladly help you submit claims on your behalf to your insurance provider. Please make sure to arrive with the name of your provider and all relevant information to make the submissions as seamless as possible.
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