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Preventative Dentistry


During your examination your dentist will do a thorough check of the oral cavity. This will include an evaluation of your teeth, gums, surrounding tissues and your bite. This is essential in recognizing signs of cavities, gum tissues and other issues before they turn into a more serious problem. 

Digital Xrays​

Your dentist will utilize this tool to assess the health of every tooth in areas that are not visible to the naked eye. These areas include snapshots of areas in between the teeth, at the root level and panoramic view. Digital Xrays utilize state of the art sensors that make the process of taking Xrays more comfortable and safe for the patient. 

Professional Cleanings​

For your cleanings, our dentist or hygienist utilizes ultrasonic scalers for a thorough and gentle cleaning of each tooth. Your teeth are then polished carefully, followed by fluoride treatment. 

At Home Hygiene Instructions​

Our clinical team will always review with you the necessary steps you can take at home for 

optimal oral health. We will show you the proper brushing and flossing techniques and may recommend supplementary hygiene tools and diet recommendations. 

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