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Dental  Technology

Dental technology and up to date dental tools can have a direct improvement on the clinician's level of care as well as the patient's comfort and overall experience. With the state of the art technology available at Aqua Blue Dental we pride ourselves on providing excellent care for our patient's. 


Digital Xrays

Digital radiographs provide us with information that is important for detection and treatment of oral health problems. This is an important technology that let's us see in between the teeth in areas not visible to the naked eye and evaluate the health of the roots of teeth. These digital radiographs expose less radiation compared to traditional Xray machines. 

Panoramic Xrays

This machine will let us take a panoramic view of the oral cavity and surrounding structures. At this global view we can evaluate all the teeth and supporting structures and go on a tour of your mouth. When evaluating wisdom teeth, development or getting ready for braces this type of radiograph is essential. 

Rotary Endodontics

This electrically powered instrument elevates the quality of care in Root Canal treatments, making root canals more comfortable and efficient. 


Dental loupes are magnifying glasses that allow the dental team to view each tooth at a higher magnification and detail. It is safe to say magnifying loupes elevate the quality and precision of care drastically. 

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